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   The TCG Group

Bank Funding 

We assist banks in acquiring various types of liquidity. 

CErtificates of Deposit

We place the client's investment so that it is 100% FDIC insured (no more than $250k per bank)

Liquidity +

Get highest rate on bank deposits. (Currently 4.75%)  

helping clients keep liquidity safe while earning a competitive interest rate 


TCG GROUP  specializes in the management of short term fixed income investments.
We are owned and led by family, and we have over forty years of fixed inCome experience.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a balance of current income while preserving our shareholders’ and clients’ investments by investing exclusively in high quality, short term securities that are issued by or guaranteed by the U.S government, as well as FDIC insured bank deposits. 

contingent funding exchange

A alternative contingency funding tool for banks.