Administrative Services 

TCG Administrative Services LLC provides multilayered support to various programs dedicated to the bank deposit market. Our principals have over four decades experience in the sector and have leveraged a vast network of banking relationships developed over that time.

TCGAS is an affiliate of TCG Financial Services, an SEC registered Investment Advisor, as well as the founders of the TCG family of money market mutual funds (now managed by Catalyst Capital Advisors LLC). [1]

TCGAS provides research and administrative support to The TCG/Catalyst funds, which include identifying and monitoring deposit-taking institutions, interest rate management, reconcilement and report generation.

TCGAS also manages our proprietary bank liquidity investment program, (FedFundsPlus), specially designed for community banks and other financial instititutions. 

TCGAS in partnership with our affiliate, TCG Financial Services LLC an  SEC registered Investment Advisor, has developed an innovative investment program designed for those investors that maintain large short term investment balances for lengthy periods of time but due to investment guidelines are required to maintain liquidity at all times. The TCG Liquid Option Deposit Program provides this option to those clients.

TCGAS also manages a closed-end fund program whose underlying assets include bank deposits. These are designed for a variety of client-types such as institutions, family offices, and high net worth individuals. These are primarily funds with maturities ranging between one and five years, that offer a yield premium to comparable treasuries.

​[1] The TCG/Catalyst Funds are a SEC-registered money market funds which invest solely in the highest quality assets, including debt obligations of the US government, its agencies (“Government Securities”), and repurchase agreements of Government Securities, as well as FDIC insured bank deposits.

[2] Currently the program guarantees a minimum of 10bps above target fed funds but may be higher than that depending on market conditions.

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