Jorge H. Coloma 

Since 2008 Jorge H Coloma has been Trustee for the TCG family of US Government Money Market Funds. Mr. Coloma started his professional career in commercial banking in New York as a foreign exchange and metals trading trader and Manager of short term funding activities for Republic National Bank of New York and Union Bank of Switzerland.

In 1980 Mr. Coloma left commercial banking and move into Investment Banking. He founded FAIC Securities Inc. an SEC registered broker/dealer and NASD (now FINRA) member the first and largest broker of FDIC-insured CDs in the country. In 1984 Mr. Coloma, as CEO of FAIC Securities Inc., successfully stroke down a new FDIC regulation that would have stripped the FDIC insurance from “brokered deposits”. The decision was appealed and lost by the FDIC. Mr. Coloma has testified twice in the US Congress as an expert on brokered deposits. The decision by the regulators to stigmatize the use of brokered deposits change the economics of the business and in the late 1980’s Mr. Coloma sold his interest in the company which at the time had over 100 NASD licensed brokers and over US$7 billion dollars in outstanding placements in over 2,000 FDIC & FSLIC-insured institutions.

During the S&L crisis, Mr. Coloma met with the FSLIC/RTC, who were managing the Savings and Loan institutions that were being taken over by the government, and structured a deal to fund all S&Ls that needed funding while in the hands of the RTC.

Having sold his interest in FAIC Securities, Mr. Coloma spent some years as a banking consultant on funding and portfolio investments (Excel Bank, New York, United Western Bank, Denver). In the year 2000 he founded WebCDx (IDC), currently Charity Deposit Services Corp. and he sold a majority interest to a new group in 2005. This company was the first to market a portfolio of FDIC-insured certificates of deposit and money market accounts to institutional and high net worth individuals who served as a model for others such as Promontory’s CDARs program, Deutsche Bank’s and others. In 1989 Mr. Coloma in partnership with Cargill Investment Services and Chase Manhattan Bank developed and marketed the CIC Principal Protected Fund, which was the first futures fund to trade 100%  of the assets and be able to guarantee the principal investment with a AAA rated bank letter of credit. This model was then institutionalized in the industry by other fund managers and remains a useful tool today.

In 2005 Mr. Coloma in partnership with Deutsche Bank Securities in New York founded Insured Deposits Conduit LLC (Indeco), a securitizer of FDIC-insured deposits and then TCG Financial Services, LLC an SEC registered investment advisor with over $300 million in assets under management, and manager of the TCG family of Money Market Funds.

The TCG family of Money Market Funds became effective on July 2nd 2014 and currently has over $143 million in total assets. Management of the funds was transferred to Catalyst Capital Advisors LLC, N.Y. and TCG provides administrative and research services to the funds today.

Mr. Coloma has always been at the forefront of developments in the bank deposits industry. 

Alex A. Coloma

September 2010 – Present
TCG Financial Services, LLC
TCG Administrative Services, LLC
Miami, Florida
Chief Operating Officer
SEC registered Investment Advisor and Manager of Mutual Funds.

June 2003- August 2010
Insured Deposits Conduit LLC
Miami, Florida
Chief Operating Officer
Specialized in securitizing  portfolios of FDIC-insured Deposits.

March 2000- May 2003
Institutional  Deposits Corp.
Miami, Florida
Operations Manager
Specialized in marketing  portfolios of FDIC-insured money market deposit accounts.

October 1993 – February 2000
International E Mortgage
Miami, Florida
A mortgage lender specializing  in financing residential properties to non-US residents.

Vivian M. Coloma 

Current – TCG Financial Services  LLC  & tcg administrative services llc
SEC Registered Investment Advisor
Portfolio Management
Fixed Income Investments
Series 65
Correspondent  Banking
Investment Advisor


INDECO Conduit  , Miami, FL
Vice President – Correspondent Banking
2005- – 2008
Correspondent Banking Relations

Fixed Income Advisor
Web CD X, Miami, FL
Vice President Correspondent Banking
1995 – 2005


Correspondent Banking Relations
Fixed Income Advisor

CIC Capital , Miami, FL
Assistant Trader
1990 – 1995
Assisted Brokers in Trading Transactions
Client Relationship Coordinator



Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart (Miami, FL)   1975-1987
Ecole Brillantmont ( Lausanne, Switzerland) 1987-1988
University Of Miami  ( Miami, FL ) 1988-1993

Fluent English       Fluent Spanish     Fluent  French


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