VIVIan Coloma

Years of experience: 25
Corespondent Banking

Before joining TCG Group ,  she worked for several investment companies specializing in bank deposits. She brings a wealth of experience to the banking  relations team.

Ms. Coloma studied in Switzerland, and  has a degree from the University of Miami.

Alex Coloma 

Years of experience: 15
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Coloma started with us as junior consultant, and has since grown into the daily management of the company's operations. 

He began his career as an assistant trader at CIC Capital, and went on to become a fixed income advisor with WebCDx.

Mr. Coloma has a business degree from Miami Dade College.

OUR goal

to provide our clients with a balance of current income while preserving our shareholders'  and clients’ investments by investing exclusively in high quality, short term securities that are issued by or guaranteed by the U.S government, as well as FDIC insured bank deposits. 

Jorge H Coloma 

Years of experience: 45
Chairman & CEO

In 1980 founded FAIC Securities, an SEC registered broker/dealer, the first and largest broker of FDIC insured CDs in the country.  In 2000 he founded WebCDx, the first company to market portfolios of insured CDs and money market accounts. 

He is considered the "father" of the FDIC brokered deposit market.


Years of experience: 25
Managing  Director 

With a background in trading, he has been involved with various asset classes including fixed income and commodities. He has worked with the principals of TCG since 2005.

Mr Schein has a degree from the University of Chicago, and masters in finance.

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